Piston kit S4C03950002C (light cast piston)

Kolben-Kit S4C03950002C (Leichtgusskolben)

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  • S4C03950002C
NEW PISTON LINE HIGH PERFORMANCE 2 & 4 stroke cast and forged pistons... more
Product information "Piston kit S4C03950002C (light cast piston)"



2 & 4 stroke cast and forged pistons


For more than 10 years ATHENA has been developing and producing cylinder kits for 2 & 4 stroke offroad motorcycles. In cooperation with the world's best motocross racing teams, ATHENA has now designed a new line of racing pistons - 



ATHENA offers a wide range of 2 stroke and 4 stroke racing forged as well as cast pistons, which are specifically designed for all off-road motorcycles (MX, Enduro and ATV). They are produced according to the latest technological standards and highest industrial requirements. The unique "Smart Can" packaging, consisting of a resealable metal can, can either be used as a storage can or recycled  be recycled    

All ATHENA cast and forged pistons are made of aluminum alloy with a perfectly balanced composition of nickel, copper and silicone. By using the best raw materials in combination with the most advanced design and manufacturing methods, ATHENA High Performance pistons convince by a very light weight combined with high durability. This results in better engine performance as well as longer engine durability.   






Cast and forged pistons


Lightweight cast pistons

The ATHENA light cast pistons have a lower weight than the original pistons. They feature tight manufacturing tolerances, special reduced friction piston rings and high durability. They are the first choice for high-revving 2-stroke engines with small displacements - in other words, wherever weight plays the key role.

Forged pistons

ATHENA's HIGH PERFORMANCE forged pistons are designed for larger displacement engines as well as smaller displacement engines with higher compression ratios. They are the first choice where very tight tolerances, minimal friction losses and defined material expansion are required.






Weight reduction and lubrication holes

These bores, produced either by the milling process or the casting process (for lightweight cast pistons), reduce friction between cylinder and piston.

Lubrication holes

Compared to the original OEM pistons, the ATHENA HIGH PERFORMANCE light cast and forged pistons each have additional oil holes in the piston crown. These lead to improved lubrication and cooling of the piston as well as the piston pin.


Surface treatment

Depending on the model  ATHENA HIGH PERFORMANCE pistons are subjected to special surface treatments. These range from tin plating to Teflon (PTFE) coating and result in less friction loss, better sealing and a shorter running-in time  as well as a shorter running-in time.




Scope of delivery:

  • Piston
  • Piston pin
  • Piston rings
  • Clips
  • Packing (metal box)

Suitable for: KTM SX50 2009 2022
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