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VHM CYLINDER HEAD Based on many years of experience in the field of two-stroke tuning, VHM has... more
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Based on many years of experience in the field of two-stroke tuning, VHM has been able to develop a high-quality cylinder head. 

For each cylinder head there are different combustion chambers, each of which generates a special power delivery of the engine. Thus, the engine characteristics and the power delivery can be quickly and easily adapted to the respective needs, such as the track, ground conditions or even the personal preference optimally. There are 3 categories of combustion chambers

  • The standard combustion chamber: it has an optimal power delivery developed by VHM over the entire speed band.
  • The High-Compression Combustion Chamber: It produces more torque in the lower and medium speed ranges. As a result, engine response is better, as is acceleration out of corners. It is therefore ideal for sandy soils and smaller tracks. 
  • The Low-Compression Combustion Chamber: It produces better revving and more peak power. This is ideally suited, for example, for rather hard soils and larger tracks, i.e. where top speed is primarily required.

Intensive tests on the test bench and the use of special aluminum alloys with high specific thermal conductivity coefficients result in improved engine temperature values. 

The cylinder head fits any standard cylinder


 The combustion chambers are suitable for both standard fuels and racing fuel. 

The solid carbide cylinder heads are a tuning part and as such are intended exclusively for use in racing. Tuning parts are not allowed on street legal vehicles and will result in the loss of the operating permit.

Suitable for: KAWASAKI KX125 2003 2008
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