Piston kit S4F09000001A (forged piston)

Kolben-Kit S4F09000001A (Schmiedekolben)

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  • S4F09000001A
  NEW PISTON LINE HIGH PERFORMANCE 2 & 4 stroke cast and forged pistons... more
Product information "Piston kit S4F09000001A (forged piston)"


2 & 4 stroke cast and forged pistons
For over 10 years now, ATHENA has been developing and producing cylinder kits for 2 & 4 stroke offroad motorcycles. In cooperation with the world's best motocross racing teams, ATHENA has now designed a new line of racing pistons - 
ATHENA offers a wide range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke racing forged and cast pistons, which are specially designed for all off-road motorcycles (MX, Enduro and ATV). They are produced according to the latest technological standards and the highest industrial requirements. The unique "Smart Can" packaging, consisting of a resealable metal can, can either be used as a storage can or recycled .    
All ATHENA cast and forged pistons are made of an aluminum alloy with a perfectly balanced composition of nickel, copper and silicone. By using the best raw materials in combination with the most advanced design and manufacturing methods, ATHENA High Performance pistons impress with their very light weight and high stability. This leads to better engine performance and longer engine life.     
Forged piston
The 4-stroke HIGH PERFORMANCE forged pistons are developed, designed and produced entirely in-house at ATHENA. In order to guarantee maximum piston performance, the ATHENA piston designs were extensively tested in advance both on the test bench and on the race track. The aim was also to meet ATHENA's own high durability requirements.   
The selection of compression rings and oil scraper rings was of particular importance. Taking into account the tangential loads and the tangential profiles, these were selected in such a way that, on the one hand, excellent sealing properties are achieved and the "blow-by" effect (escape of combustion gases into the crankcase) is avoided and, on the other hand, no loss of sliding properties has to be accepted. The result is a considerable increase in performance in combination with a longer service life of the piston and cylinder         


Hardened stiffening bridges
To increase overall strength, ATHENA HIGH PERFORMANCE pistons have hardened stiffening bridges manufactured with low tolerances. This technology results in more stable pistons that can better withstand the increased engine power with only a slight increase in weight.
 Piston pin lubrication
To improve the lubrication of the piston pin, special lubrication grooves are incorporated into the ATHENA pistons, which allow oil to collect in the area of the piston pin bore. This results in reduced friction, lower temperatures and a lower risk of overheating and/or piston seizure. 
oil lubrication groove
ATHENA's HIGH PERFORMANCE pistons have an oil lubrication groove between the first and second sealing ring. This groove allows the accumulation of lubricating oil, thus stabilizing the pressure between the piston rings and preventing the "blow-by" effect. The increase in lubrication also improves efficiency, prevents pressure losses and ensures constant engine power output.

Scope of delivery:
  • Piston
  • Piston pin
  • Piston rings
  • Clips
  • Packaging (metal can)


Suitable for: KAWASAKI KFX400 2003 2006 SUZUKI DR-Z400 2000 2007 SUZUKI LTZ400 2000 2014
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